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Digitizing audio

Digitizing: Audio

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Cine film
Digitizing audio You probably know the feeling. You have recently bought a new home cinema set/centre and your old record player is either broken or doesn't fit in your new system. It would be a waste if you couldn't play your valuable LP-collection any more.
Even nowadays certain events are recorded on tape even though most people don't even have a Hi-Fi-cassette deck any more.
Think about funerals or cremations etc. We are able to digitize those precious recordings and duplicate them if necessary.
We are able to digitize our LPs, audio tapes, micro cassettes, mini discs and (normal audio or DCC) cassettes. We can do this using several methods.

Audio CDs

Frequently requested is digitizing audio to CDs. All CD players are able to play audio CDs. The audio will be put onto the CD without compression. A CD has a maximum of 70 minutes of audio.

Computer files

Almost all new audio equipment can play digital compile audio files. You can choose between .wav or .mp3 format. .wav is an uncompressed format and has the best quality, though the file size is a lot bigger than .mp3. .mp3 is compressed, so a lot more files will fit on your mp3-player. Though the size is more compressed, the quality is worse than the .wav format. We are able to write the files onto any kind of storage medium. E.g. USB-sticks, DVDs, CDs.


Your material gets digitized in the best quality possible. By default the audio level will get normalized.

We use professional AD converters and audio devices to digitize your audio material.
After digitizing the audio, we can optionally edit this material. Think about: removing scratches and noise and making separate tracks.
Finally, the digital material will get put onto a storage medium like a USB-stick or audio-CD.


We are able to digitize the following formats:


All rates include 21% VAT.

Digitizing (per minute)

Type < 120 min 121-480 min 481 > min

Audio cassette
Micro cassette
Mini disc
Mini cassette

€0,25 €0,22 €0,21
Vinyl (LP, Single, Maxi Single)
Laquer discs
Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
Digital Compact Cassette (DCC)
Audio reel 1/4 inch
€0,28 €0,25 €0,24
8track (eight-track) €0,38 €0,35 €0,34
78 rpm disc (e.g. spoken letters) €0,58 €0,51 €0,45

* For each side of the media carrier, a minimum of 15 minutes will be calculated.
* Audio reels have starting rate of van €2,00 per provided reel.

Extra possibilities

Extra possibilities Rates
Fixing a broken or damaged tape (more info). €18,50
Cleaning Vinyl discs (thoroughly with liquid) €3,95

Options Rates
Editing audio (hourly rate). E.g. noise reduction, separating tracks. €45,00

Putting on media Rates
Audio CD (max. of 70 minutes per CD) €8,00
Extra copy Audio CD €6,60
Multiple copies starting at €1,75 per CD Dupliceren
Putting files on a storage device (own device or bought)/send via internet. €5,00
Renting a hard disk(+€5,00 to write on the disk) €5,00