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Digitizing: Discs

Digitizing: Discs

CD / DVD Floppy
Cine film

You find some old floppy discs with files, but you do not have the right equipment to read them.

What is also common is that you have a large collection of audio CDs, but you can't play these on your phone or media center. We can transfer these CDs to computer files (also called ripping) (e.g. MP3 or Flac files).

In particular, self-burned CDs or DVDs don't last long in practice. We often see CD or DVDs that have been burnt less then 10 years ago, which can't be read anymore. Don't wait to long to digitize them!

Dics: CD, DVD, ZIP disc, floppy dics

Transfer service

We offer the service to copy the contents of these discs to modern media, such as USB stick, harddisk or internet.

Optionally we can perform a data conversion. For example for video DVDs we can convert the MPEG2 encoded files in the VIDEO_TS folder to modern H264 encoded files (.mp4). H264 files can play on almost all modern equipment.








All prices include 21% VAT and are subjective to change.

The prices include:

Copy discs:

Type 1 disc 2-4 discs 5-9 discs 10-39 discs 40 of more disc
CD € 16,50    € 9,75 € 7,50 € 6,00 Ask for quote
DVD € 16,50 € 9,75 € 7,50 € 6,00 Ask for quote
Floppy disc 3 1/2 inch € 17,50 € 10,00 € 7,50 € 6,00 Ask for quote
Floppy disk 5 1/4 inch € 19,50 € 12,00 € 9,50 € 8,00 Ask for quote
ZIP disk (ZIP 100 / ZIP250 / ZIP750) € 19,50 € 12,00 € 9,50 € 8,00 Ask for quote
Video Floppy disk (VF-50) € 29,00 € 25,50 € 23,00 € 19,00 Ask for quote

Included in the prices above, is to transfer the files onto a USB stick, harddisk or internet. You can supply your own USB stick or harddisk, or we can supply these for you.

Options Price
Harddisk / USB stick See prices in our webshop
Conversion video format CD/DVD to .H264 files surcharge: €3,00 per disc

Prices include 21% VAT.