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Price calculator 8mm Film

7cm reel
3,5 minutes

12cm reel
10 minutes

13cm reel
15 minutes

15cm reel
20 minutes

18cm reel
27 minutes

20.5cm reel
41 minutes

25cm reel
54 minutes
Please note: Single 8 films are thinner and thus more will fit on a bigger reel. E.g. a reel of 18 cm will contain 30% extra.

Desired Quality

Including Sound
Storage Medium Hard disk/USB/internet porting (€0,00)
DVD (€12,00)
DVD with custom menu (€25,00)
Blu-ray (€20,00)
Blu-ray with custom menu (€30,00)
Space Required: Space bequired:
0,0 GB H.264 codec
Extra Copies Extra set(s) DVDs
Extra set(s) Blu-rays
Extra USB flash drive(s)

Description Amount Price
Setup costs film€12,50
Hard disk drive/USB/internet portingFree
Total (incl. 21% VAT)€12,50