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Price calculator 16mm Film

9,5cm reel
4 minutes

13cm reel
8 minutes

18cm reel
15 minutes

25cm reel
30 minutes

31cm reel
41 minutes

38cm reel
68 minutes

Desired Quality

Including Sound
Storage Medium Hard disk/USB/internet porting (€0,00)
DVD (€12,00)
DVD with custom menu (€25,00)
Blu-ray (€20,00)
Blu-ray with custom menu (€30,00)
Space Required: Space bequired:
0,0 GB H.264 codec
Extra Copies Extra set(s) DVDs
Extra set(s) Blu-rays
Extra USB flash drive(s)

Description Amount Price
Setup costs film€12,50
Hard disk drive/USB/internet portingFree
Total (incl. 21% VAT)€12,50