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Repair and modifications of slide and film projectors (8mm/16mm)

Repair and modifications of slide and film projectors (8mm/16mm)


We repair and maintain slide and film projectors.


Some common issues

  • Broken or stretched belts.
  • Broken lamp or lamp base.
  • Engine not running.
  • Electronic failure (broken transistor, circuit breaker, condenser or elco).
  • Claw adjustment not good.
  • The connection cable is missing.

reparatie film en dia projectoren reparatie film en dia projectoren


Next to repairs, we also modify film projectors. E.g.:

For DIY kits of building in a speed regulator, see our webshop -> variable speed control conversion kits.

Before we do the repair we do some pre-research. The costs will be calculated with the reparation. We will be able to estimate the costs after the pre-research has taken place. It is always possible that there are more broken parts than stated in the pre-research. If the estimated cost is exceeded, we will inform you and consult for the repairing


Description Price
Examination costs film projectors €25,00
Examination costs slide projectors €25,00
Workshop hourly rate €45,00

If you don't let the repair be carried out, but instead want to exchange your defect projector with one from our assortment, you don't need to pay examination costs. See the projectors for sale here.

All prices are including 21% VAT.


You can bring your projector at our shop in Tilburg.

You can also send us the projector. You can do this yourself, however, we also provide a pick-up and return service. You do not need to leave your house, your projector will be retrieved at home and returned after repair.

See detailed information about ordering on the ordering page.

For questions, call us or use our Contact Form.


All our repairs get 2 months of warranty.

If after 2 months, after numerous reminders via the telephone and or mails from us, you didn't pay or take up the projectors we believe you don't see any value in the equipment anymore and these will become property of Van Eck Video Services.

Parts & 3D printing

Some parts are hard to find. Luckily, using 3D printing we can fabricate moste parts now. These parts are also available on our webshop

We have an extensive range of projector parts available for the repairs. However, some parts are hard to obtain from our suppliers. Fortunately, we have the expertise in-house, using 3D printing techniques to produce these parts. This 3D printed parts we also sell in our webshop.

We also make other spare parts using 3D printing techniques more and more (including spare parts SAAB, clips, caps, gears, etc.). In Digital Movie Magazine, Oktober 2015 (Dutch) there is an interesting article about this topic!

See here a short documentary (7 minutes) about 3D printing film projector parts.

If you are looking for a spare part (also for something else then for film projectors), see:


Frequently asked questions

Q1) Do you also repair video and photo equipment?

No, we are specialized in the repair of film projectors and slide projectors. For repair of video and photo equipment, you can contact Camtech:


Examples of newly manufactured parts

Here are some examples from our assortment of newly manufactured parts (please note, this is only a small selection). If you are looking for a particular part, please see our part finder. If you do not find the part you are looking for, please let us know.








Here are a few projectors we recently repaired:

Pallas all-8 HS-1200 Zoom, Eumig 610D Lux, Braun FP7, Pallas HS-1200 P111Q, Erno E-1501, Eumig Mark 607D, Noris Record SMD, Leica Pradovit P300, Magnon Istdual IQZRS, Leitz Wetzlar Pravovit CA 2500, Kodak Ektapro 7020, Noris Norisound 112, Bauer T502 automatic Duoplay, Leica P155, Pallas HS-1200 All 8, Eumig Mark S810D, Kodak Carousel S-AV 2020, Braun Visacustic 2000, Bauer T600, Elmo K110SME, Elmo GP-E, Afga Color 250 AV, Agfa Movector 16, Bauer T1-S, Bell & Howell 1442, Bell & Howell 1481, Bell & Howell 1680, Bell & Howell Filmosonic 1735, Bolex Sound 815, Bolex SM8, Chinon C-200, Chinon Sound 7800H, Cinekon Instduo IQS, Elmo FP-A, Elmo GS1200, Elmo ST-600DM, Eumig Mark 502D, Eumig Mark 510D, Eumig Mark 610D, Eumig Mark S 810D Lux, Eumig Wien Mark DL, Eumig Wien P8 M, Fujicascope M39, Goko MM1 viewer, heurtier P6-24b, heurtier P6-24s, Heurtier ST 42, Imac Dua 8 deluxe, Leitz Pradovit diaprojector, Liesegang S1 Synchro, Noris Norisound 342, type 840, Noris Norimat SD, Pallas P-115s, Pallas Soundmatic 607, Pallas Soundmatic 610 M, Ricoh hi-sound 1200M, Sankyo Dualux 2000H, Sankyo Sound 600, Silma S211, Bauer T 502, Bauer T600, Bauer P7, Hokushin SC-10, Noris Norisound 110, Fumeo model 9119, Noris Norisound 810, Braun Praximat Multimag 250 E-AF, Braun Praximat Multimag 250 E-AF, Braun Praximat Multimag SC 643, Rollei P300, Rollei P350A, Hukushin SC-10M, Bauer T610, Noris record sr1, Bauer T610, Bauer T502, Bauer T502, Bauer T502, Bauer T610,Noris Record SM3, Pallas All-8 hs 1200 zoom, Eiki NT-2, Pallas hs 1200 S8 zoom, Eumig Mark 607 D, Eumig Mark S 712, Eumig Mark 610 D, Eumig RS 3000, Elmo GS 1200, Beaulieu 708 EL, Chinon Sound 8500.