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Van Eck Video Services- rental film / slide and video equipment



We rent the following used devices:

Film projectoren Dia projectoren Viewers Video apparatuur
Film projectors 8mm en 16mm Slide Projectors Viewers Video equipment

Your can hire them in our webshop, via hire purchase:

Hire-purchase by Van Eck Video Services.

The way it works:

You purchase a device and you decide later if you want to keep the device or if you only want to hire it. So you don't have to decide up front if you want to keep or hire the device.
After hiring, every device will be checked, cleaned and tested before it's sold again. A device always comes with a test report.

For every week you have the device in your possession it will cost you 20% of the selling price, with a minimum of 35,-. After 4 weeks the device automatically belongs to you. If you return the device inside these 4 weeks, you'll get a partial refund of the purchase price.

Benefits of hire-purchase:

Offer: 50% discount on hire fee with digitizing project

If you return a device and you want us to do a digitize project of at least 100,- you'll get 50% discount on the hire fee of the device.

Example: Hire purchase device of 150

You'll pay 150,- and if you return the projector you'll receive:

Return costs refund
1 week 35 115
2 weeks 60 90
3 weeks 90 60
4 weeks 120 30
after 4 weeks 150 -

How to order?

  1. You can order the device in our webshop (choose between shipping or collecting)
  2. If you don't need the device anymore you can return it along with the completed hire purchase form.
  3. After receiving your device we'll deposit your partial refund within a week.
  4. You may always keep your device.

Extra Services

We can also take care of the whole project for you. This includes advice, delivering and installing the equipment on location, explanation and demonstration, collecting the equipment, e.g. Ask us for a customized offer.

Hire references:

Mostly our devices are hired by private individuals but sometimes there used for sensational TV recordings:

2016: RTL4 overgetelijke feestdagen - with a nice Siemens 2000 projector, starring : Chantal Janzen, Martijn Krabbe, Beau van Erven Dorens, Lieke van Lexmond, Umberto Tan, Anjela Groothuizen, Nicolette Kluijver, Carlo Boszhard, Guus Meeuwis, Jamai Loman, etc.

RTL4 onvergetelijke feestdagen 2016


For the clip RTL4 onvergetelijke feestdagen, see:


2014: Public broadcasting organisation KRO-NCRV for a TV show 'Mijn Moeder en ik' (My mother and I) with national TV star Tatjana Simic.

Link to broadcasting:

summer 2014, recording Video Clip for Armada TV, using Siemens 2000 filmprojector (link to Youtube)

Eindhoven, Material Matters by Droog at Dutch Design Week 2012

Oktober 2012, Droog Lab, Exhibition 'Material Matter', slide projectors projecting from back of the screens

Simultanious projection of five 8mm film projectors. Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2012 04-26.05.2012, tegelijktijdige projectie met vijf stuks 8mm filmprojectoren Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2012 04-26.05.2012, tegelijktijdige projectie met vijf stuks 8mm filmprojectoren